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Before Shooting, Lanza Calls Oregon Radio Show Talking Violence

Written by Christina Kemp on January 16, 2014

A year before the Sandy Hook school massacre the shooter called into a University of Oregon radio program to talk violence and animal behavior with the host.

His voice is soft and monotone. Adam Lanza used the name Greg when he called “Anarchy Radio” on U of O’s campus radio station, KWVA. Lanza talked about a chimpanzee that went on a rampage in Connecticut, comparing the animal to a teenage mall shooter.

“His attack can be seen entirely parallel to the attacks and random acts of violence that you bring up on your show every week, committed by humans, which the mainstream also has no explanation,” Lanza says.

“I just … don’t think it would be such a stretch to say that he very well could have been a teenage mall shooter or something like that.”

The New York Daily News obtained the audio and reports the caller has been identified as Lanza by two friends. The shows host told the paper there was nothing in the call to indicate Lanza would eventually kill 26 people.

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