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PPS Cancels Guest Speaker Who Calls Homosexuality a ‘Mental Illness’

Written by Steve Herman on January 15, 2014
Dr Johnson

The Portland Public School District has canceled a guest speaker who was set to speak at Jefferson High. The district says it’s videos like these that make him too offensive to be brought into there buildings:

Dr. Umar Johnson calls homosexuality a mental illness.

The PPS District Chief Equity and Diversity Officer admits they should have vetted him better. “It wasn’t vetted well, it clearly wasn’t vetted in a way it should have and will be in the future,” Lolenzo Poe told our news partner KGW.

Dr. Umar Johnson’s speech was canceled by the district only after they were questioned by The Oregonian.  

“We were so appalled and offended because it doesn’t reflect the feelings of this district,” Poe said.

Johnson says he’s a psychologist with a speciality in African American studies and claims he’s being misrepresented.

Reggie Aqui is with our news partner KGW. Aqui caught up with Johnson over the phone, and Johnson would not admit to the statements he made in the videos on Youtube.


The district also says his theories on gay people was just the tip of the iceberg. They were also appalled by his views of single parent households, especially in the African American community.

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1 reply to “PPS Cancels Guest Speaker Who Calls Homosexuality a ‘Mental Illness’

  1. Mataro

    The caller clearly did not want to hear the foundation of Dr. Johnsons beliefs even though in the first video he gives a piece of it.


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