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Second Oregon Death Row Inmate Wants To Die

Written by Pat Boyle on January 9, 2014
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Salem, Oregon – Another inmate on Oregon’s Death Row wants to be put to death. 38 year old Jason Van Brumwell tells The Oregonian he’s written a letter to The Oregon Supreme Court asking that his appeals be waived  because he’s ready to be executed. He says the legal system is broken and tells the paper “I owe it to myself to be true to myself.”

He was sent to death row in 2007 along with Gary Haugen after they were convicted of killing another inmate who had been stabbed 84 times. Haugen asked to be put to death in 2011. Governor Kitzhaber issued a reprieve two weeks before the execution. Haugen appealed, but the Oregon Supreme Court sided with the governor who says he won’t allow any executions while he’s in office. Haugen is waiting to see if the US Supreme Court will hear his case.

KXL legal expert and retired Multnomah County sheriff’s captain, Bruce McCain says Van Brumwell will not be allowed to die as long as Kitzhaber is governor. He also does not expect the US Supreme Court to consider Haugen’s appeal. He believes Kitzhaber will commute all death penalty cases on Oregon’s death row before he leaves office. He says ” he’s even hinted that that’s the kind of the nuclear option he  always could do.  McCain says with Haugen, the governor has ” simply been staying the execution; he has not yet commuted it. But he’s always indicated that he’s always had the power to do it.”  He says ” I think that’s what he’ll do; a mass commutation before he leaves office.”


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