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Portland Students To Walkout Friday

Written by Jeremy Scott on January 9, 2014
Rally in December, 2013

PORTLAND — A tweet late on Wednesday night indicated that students planned to walkout of class at Wilson and Jefferson high schools on Friday in support of teachers who are at odds with the Portland Public School District over a new contract.

Confirmation came on Thursday morning from the group Parents Stand with Portland Teachers, who told us it will happen during the lunch hour.  The Portland Student Union says it’s part of a greater fight for educational justice, saying they fear that teachers will be faced with the decision to either accept the unacceptable or strike.

Jefferson students will walk out of the main entrance to the football field at 12:15.  Wilson will have a smaller rally at 11:40 at the intersection of Sunset Blvd. and Capitol Highway.  Their message: “The Schools Portland Students Deserve”.

“Not only will we be walking out in support of our teachers, we’ll be walking out to reclaim our school,” says sophomore Mikey Garcia.

A “Pack the School Board” event is planned for Monday, January 13th at the school board meeting to encourage the district to keep talking with teachers until a fair contract is settled and to avoid a strike.

The district sent over a new offer on Wednesday, but the teachers association has not responded to that.

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6 replies to “Portland Students To Walkout Friday

  1. pdxgirl

    This is so stupid. Students walking out in support of the teachers?? Who’s idea was that?

    The teachers need to pay their part of insurance and retirement like the rest of us. No idea why government workers continue to get these fantastic benefits packages that almost nobody in the real world gets, especially when every government agency is supposedly broke.


    1. Charles

      pdxgirl: if Portland offered teachers a salery even remotely in line with what it costs to be qualified to teach (much less what it costs to actually be a good teacher) then I would concede your point. It has come to the point, however, that most people who we might want teaching in Portland can’t afford to teach unless they have been doing it for 25 years or have a family member with a better source of income to pay living expenses. Frankly, when switching from driving for trimet to teaching results in a pay cut and increased hours, you can see why students and teachers are feeling cheated. And no, good teachers don’t take summers off, and even if they did it would not make up for 60 to 80 hour weeks the rest of the year with compensation that looks meager for a 40 hr work week for someone with a graduate degree. No amount of negotiating benefits is going to change PPS compensation from being a cheat, but it would at least be nice to tell teachers that, in the lowest paying and least secure job you need a master’s degree for, they can at least go to the doc without loosing the little they have scraped for themselves.


    2. chemJ

      The thoughtless, yearly campaign to “support the children” begins again, and a whole new crop of ill informed parents and students rally around the yard signs for their “cause.” What would be refreshing is to see them get as excited about demanding performance reviews for both the teachers and their little treasures, and then an accounting for existing funds and an end to the waste.


  2. Anon

    PDXGirl, I’m not sure exactly what you’re talking about. The fact that you think that teachers get paid some exorbitant amount (salary and combined benefits) is, frankly, ridiculous. Especially for the kind of work they do and the education they must receive (and pay for) in order to do it.

    I’m not sure why the idea that students may support their teachers getting adequate support is a baffling idea for you. Perhaps you should think a little bit and try putting yourself in someone else’s shoes before making ridiculous claims about how much money and support you think our nation’s educators should NOT be getting.


  3. Jill

    Pdxgirl, please study an issue before sounding off. You are 100% uninformed on this subject and it’s very sad that you feel you need to state your uninformed opinion. There is MORE than enough information on both side of the issue, if you would just take a moment to do some research. Please tell me this isn’t how you normally make decisions.


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