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Facebook Bans PDX Body Painter

Written by Dan Mitchinson on January 9, 2014
Matt Huntley says Facebook removed pictures like this

Matt Huntley has been body painting out of his Northeast Portland studio for years. His work has appeared on film,  stage and television. Huntley sometimes posts pictures of his art on his facebook page, but was recently contacted by the site, asking that he remove several of the images.

“The pictures include an image of a woman painted, she’s wearing pasties, she’s wearing panties, she’s standing in front of a graffiti wall, and you can’t see anything” says Huntley.

nude pic 1

Huntley says his work isn’t pornography or any racier than some bikini shots you see on Facebook. When Huntley refused to take down the photographs, Facebook took them down for him.

“My personal account was locked, my business account was locked,” and Huntley says he lost hundreds of contacts and thousands of pictures.

Body-painting mimics clothing, and while the model’s private areas are covered up, Huntley admits you can sometimes see their outline. He calls his work tame, and says it’s nothing like some of the other pages he’s seen on the social networking site.

“If you go on facebook you’ll find a lot of pages with pornography. If you flag those pages, you’ll get a reply from facebook saying this doesn’t violate our terms of policy, whereas art work seems to.”

nude pic 2

Facbook has run into similar issues in the past, and admits there’s a fine line between nudity and pornography. And while Huntley says his paintings are ‘artistic expression,’ Facebook disagrees. They told him he can start up another page, but only without his paintings.

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3 replies to “Facebook Bans PDX Body Painter

  1. wayne wilda

    there is or was a show on t v that showed body painting and how they did it.This is NOT porno it is art if facebook dosent like it screw facebook and if they don’t like my comment then screw them again


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