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89-year Old Woman Attacked, Left Battered and Bruised

Written by Steve Herman on January 8, 2014

An 89-year old Southeast Portland woman is recovering after being beat up outside her home Tuesday.  Police say the woman had just got home from the store when a car pulled up in front of her mailbox.  That’s when a woman in her 30′s got out of the car, walked up to her, grabbed her purse and threw her to the ground.

Marge says the woman who attacked her was a perfect stranger, although saw her earlier in the day at Fred Meyer’s. Marge lost some cash, credit cards and her ID.

She landed in the hospital for head and leg injuries.

The 89-year old was badly bruised and scraped up and has  a terrible black eye. Despite her injuries she was able to give a great description of her attacker. The suspect is described as a white woman, 5′ 7″ riding in the back seat of a burnt orange 1970′s station wagon. Marge was also able to give the authorities a partial plate number.

Anyone with information was asked to call police at 503-823-0405.

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3 replies to “89-year Old Woman Attacked, Left Battered and Bruised

  1. Daniel Henkes

    If we go back to the time of “an eye for an eye,” a good portion of these type of crimes would come to a stop. Further, the tax payers could save some money on jail space. As cold as it sounds, true justice would be for that bitch who did the beating to suffer a good mugging and a few other terrors at the hand of four or five thugs.


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