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KXL Anchor Dan Mitchinson: “I’ll Be Dead In 5 Years”

Written by FM News 101 KXL on January 6, 2014

“On March 27th, 2019 I will be dead” says KXL Afternoon Host Dan Mitchinson.

What got Mitchinson to set this time table was a new ‘smart watch’ that will be released later this year. It counts down your lifespan, to the last second, so you know how long you have left.

The intent behind “Tikker” is to remind you that time is precious, and thus not to be wasted on negativity. The wearer simply fills out a questionnaire, deducts his/her current age from the results, and TIKKER is ready to start the countdown.

This March, Mitchinson turns 45, and that, along with reading about the watch, got him thinking. “A guy I worked with a few years ago was turning 50, and during our radio show told me ‘I need a finish line.’ While we were talking on the air he said ‘I read one place one time that the average person running in a race will run the last 300 yards something like 20 times faster than they’ve run the previous mile if they can see the finish line or hear the finish line.’

“I’m sort of like that too” says Mitchinson. “I’ve always been a list guy, someone who needs to set goals on paper, otherwise, time passes, and I procrastinate, and just don’t get things done.”

So, like his former colleague, Mitchinson has decided to give himself a finite amount of time. “My friend John gave himself 10 years, but that seems like a long way out, so I thought I’d narrow it down to five.” But he admits it wasn’t just turning 45 or the beginning of a this year that prompted him to set an expiration date.

“In the past year or so, I lost my mom unexpectedly, several people that I worked with, who weren’t much older than me died, my sister won her fight against colon cancer, but it was close, and I just started thinking ‘I can’t be taking so much of my time for granted, or wasting it’ so decided I’d better get moving.”

So what kinds of changes does Mitchinson plan to make?

“Well, I want to do more ‘living’ and not just ‘get through’ each day. I plan to challenge myself more. I’ve already taken up boxing, a sport I knew nothing about, but wanted to try, and love it. The goal is to get in a ring for three rounds with a semi professional boxer and see how long I can last,” says Mitchinson.

He is also planning several trips, and says “Being somewhat of an introvert, I want to force myself to meet more people and deepen the relationships I already have. I also want to learn a language, take a couple of classes at a university I’ve always wanted to attend, and do a couple of things that, right now, are probably a little too personal to share, but I will eventually. As of today, I have a list of 23 things I want to try, experience, purchase or fail at. Hey, if I don’t hold myself accountable for my own life, who will?”

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