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Interstate 5 Closed Overnight This Weekend

Written by Jeremy Scott on January 3, 2014

PORTLAND — The northbound lanes of Interstate 5 will be closed between the Marquam and Fremont bridges overnight this weekend so the county can inspect the east approach of the Burnside Bridge.  The west end was inspected last month.

The closures will start at 10:30 on Friday and Sunday nights, 11pm on Saturday through 7:30am on the weekend mornings and 5am on Monday.

“It’s unusual in that the steel beams that support the bridge were encased with concrete when the bridge was built.  Eight decades later, the concrete coating is deteriorating in areas where moisture gathers and small chunks have fallen off,” said Multnomah County’s Mike Pullen.

Nets will be installed to keep the falling concrete out of the adjacent lanes during the work.  Drivers will notice netting under the bridge until major repairs in the coming years.

One southbound lane will be blocked in that stretch.  I-405 is an easy way around without exiting the freeway.  The bridge will stay open during the closures.

Several ramps will be blocked as well: Morrison Bridge to I-5 northbound, I-5 northbound to I-84 eastbound (I-405 southbound to I-5 northbound exit 300 to 84 EB will remain open), SW 5th Avenue to I-405 southbound, Highway 43 northbound to I-5 northbound.

The Burnside Bridge opened in 1926.  About 40,000 vehicles and 1,000 pedestrians and bicyclists cross each day.

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