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4-Year-Old Oregon Boy is a Medical Mystery

Written by Jim Ferretti on January 1, 2014
Corban Durant

Corban Durant is perfect in his mothers eyes.  A 4 year old boy who loves his Ninja Turtles, motorcycles and cars.  That being said his mom Natasha says he’s a medical mystery.

Corban has a heart defect, his lungs and liver are both sick, he can’t blink or move his eyes and the part of Corban’s brain that controls muscle movement and speech is shrinking.  Doctors in Portland are stumped and tell Natasha they can’t diagnose Corban and he needs tests are are only available outside Oregon.

Natasha says they have an appointment at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota but there is a problem with Corban’s insurance.  The Mayo Clinic does not accept his Oregon Health Plan insurance.  On top of that, they require a down payment of nearly $10,000 however the total cost could be as much as $40,000.

Listen to our news story:

“Now I can’t blame the doctors for that,” Natasha says. “I still want to go see those top specialists, so I am still trying to raise money to get my son to go to the Mayo Clinic because I want him to see those doctors.”

The family has been collecting bottles and cans to recycle and have also held fundraisers like a car wash.  Now they have also started a Go Fund Me page where anyone can donate to help Corban get a diagnosis.

You can also follow Corban’s story on Facebook.

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7 replies to “4-Year-Old Oregon Boy is a Medical Mystery

  1. pdquick

    As a Medicare recipient with a supplemental policy, I could go to Mayo free of charge. Why shouldn’t we get rid of Obamacare, and expand and improve Medicare to cover everybody from the first dollar? We could pay for it with an increase in the Medicare tax that would be less than what the country pays in total health insurance premiums and copays now? If you like that idea, you like single-payer Medicare-for-All.


    1. Sten Mawson

      For sure “Medicare for All” (MFA) would have been better than the ACA, but the Republicans, after first saying that they would favor MFA, backed out as soon as Obama said that MFA would be fine with him. And so, without the 60 votes necessary to stifle a filibuster, the Democrats began to gut the original bill that was much better, ending up with the ACA that is a give-away to the insurance companies, and which won’t stop their greedy behavior. I’m sure most have forgotten that the first surveys asking if people wanted to fix our health care system had more than a 70% positive response. And then the Insurance Companies and their Republican cronies began a half-truths and outright lies campaign to make sure they could keep taking 20% or more of our health care dollars. Sad, so very sad.


  2. Richard Buckner

    Young Corban Durant, if you get this may your family read it to you, You a truly a handsome little man. Children like you are special, being an inspiration in spirit and
    strength and example even to adults. If anyone ever mocks or ask, what is wrong with you, simply reply, no what is wrong with you, for I am special. Young Corban, you are forever handsome and will inspire hope for many children. I believe with all my heart when I say this, Whatever the future days may bring, rather it be to doctors or elsewhere, Remember you are the young Corban Durant, “The Handsome little man with love to share” May many blessings be upon you, Young Corban Durant


  3. adam

    If you need help in transportation, google charity medical flights. I know there is angel flights and so on. These are NPO organizations who have a community of pilots with their own planes who will charter free flights for cases like this.


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