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‘Grinch Proof’ Your Home From Theives

Written by Dan Mitchinson on December 17, 2013

Nearly 400-thousand burglaries happen across the country between November and Christmas. Most of those will be breaks ins from grinches looking to steal what’s under your Christmas tree.

“You wouldn’t leave cash laying out on the front porch, so be thoughtful about what (people can see) from the outside of your home” says Portland Police Sgt. Pete Simpson.

Leaving expensive looking wrapped gifts under your tree, which can be seen through the window from the street, is like an open invitation for thieves. So is leaving empty big screen TV and computer boxes on the curb. Simpson says everyone will know what you just bought, and that’s like tempting fate.

If your home is broken into, and electronics or bikes stolen, Simpson says they have a better chance of recovering your property if you’ve written down the serial number. “We have a property room warehouse that’s full of all kind of property, (much) of it stolen property that’s been recovered, but we have no way of getting it back to the owner became nobody had a serial number for the television or iPod or the computer” says Simpson.

And if you’re going out of town, Simpson suggests you have a deadbolt on your door, put inside and outside lights on timers, and make sure your neighbor collects the mail and newspaper from the driveway, so your home doesn’t have that ‘no one’s here look.’

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