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Hobbit Fans Steal Lake Oswego Street Signs

Written by Steve Herman on December 14, 2013

Most J.R.R. Tolkien fans will simply go and see the new Hobbit movie. But some fans will do a little but more.

For the last ten years there’s almost one thing Lake Oswego Police have been able to count on when a new J.R.R. Tolkien movie is put to the big screen. Missing street signs.

It turns out if you want to visit “Middle-Earth”, you may not need to go all the way to New Zealand where Peter Jackson has filmed all his Tolkien movies. But rather just head to Lake Oswego, where one of it’s neighborhoods proudly claims the name Tolkien Heights. If you were to take a drive you would find streets with names like Hobbit Court.

“We get street signs stolen from time to time, but never in conjunction with events or movie openings,” says Lake Oswego Police SGT Tom Hannon.

This movie is no different from the Lord of the Rings trilogy or first Hobbit movie, Hannon says three have gone missing. “In this circumstance these signs were stolen a couple weeks before the release of the latest movie,” Hannon said. 

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1 reply to “Hobbit Fans Steal Lake Oswego Street Signs

  1. bob

    I am very disappointed. A stretch for a story at best. SGT Hannon does not feel there is any connect with a movie release as you are clearly suggesting using the movie “poster”. While Steve Herman,the author of the story may be able to use “Clinton-ese” to justify the connection to himself, I believe the average person would(and does) see this as inaccurate at best. It is these kinds of stories that degrade the public faith in media. KXL is not a tabloid is it? I suggest rethinking the standards by which KXL operates on.


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