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Activist Actress Joins Fight to Free Packy

Written by Christina Kemp on December 13, 2013

A Hollywood actress has joined Portland activists in the fight to free¬† Packy. Will we be seeing Portland’s beloved elephant heading into retirement?

Actress Lily Tomlin sounded off this morning. She wrote to the Oregon Zoo’s Director Kim Smith asking that Packy be sent to a sanctuary for a well deserved retirement. But Smith says that would not necessarily be the best thing for Packy.

“He’s almost 52 years old now. He’s an older elephant. He’s a geriatric animal and I feel that for his own welfare it’s important for him to be with his family.”

She says it’s critical for elephants to be part of a social family group. And separating the patriarch from his herd could hurt his health. So for now Packy will continue to call the Oregon Zoo his home.

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5 replies to “Activist Actress Joins Fight to Free Packy

  1. Thomas L Dailey

    I moved to Oregon the year Packy was born. He is as much a resident of this city as I am! Lily Tomlin should butt out and mind her own business!


  2. Corey Deck

    Leave packy alone where he is and with his family, for crying out loud it is all he has ever known and he’s being well cared for there. They have his best interests at heart and mind.


  3. sheila trevitts

    Packy and I were both were born in 1962, I have grown up with Packy, it would break mine, Packy’s and everyone’s else heart to have Packy move away. Oregon zoo is all he has ever known. People need to mind there own business . Packy is taken care of and very happy where is lives.


  4. Curtis jones

    Packy would lose his mind if he were moved away. He’s happy with his home and caring family. These are creatures of habit. To change his location would be very harmful to him. He is loved and cared for right where he is. That sense of home cannot be duplicated anywhere else. Are you kidding me? The very idea is just nuts. Who the hell came up with this cock and bull “need” to rip Packy from the only home and family he knows? Animals not in captivity is where the need for concern is. How about applying some energy there?


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