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One Year Later – Remembering The Clackamas Town Center Shooting

Written by Jim Ferretti on December 11, 2013

It was December 11th, 2012 when 22 year old Jacob Tyler Roberts walked into the Macy’s at Clackamas Town Center and opened fire.  Witnesses say he was wearing a mask and shooting indiscriminately as 10,000 people were Christmas Shopping inside.

He walked into the mall’s food court where he shot and killed 54 year old Cindy Yuille who was was Christmas shopping.  Next he turned his gun towards 15 year old Kristina Shevchenko.  She was shot in the chest but made it outside of the mall and survived.  The last person shot was 46 year old father of two, Steven Forsyth.  He was near a kiosk and died after being shot in the head.

Investigators say Roberts attempted to reload his weapon, but for some reason it jammed.  That is when he ran towards a back hallway and down a set of stairs where he committed suicide.

Clackamas Town Center Pic

The first Clackamas County Sheriff’s Deputy on scene was Deputy Robby Nashif.  He tells KXL when he first arrived he saw hundreds of people outside the mall.  His message to them as they looked at him, “RUN!”

Listen to the full interview with Deputy Nashif and Sergeant Paul Coleman below.


As police were rushing into the mall to find the shooter and to help the shoppers inside, firefighters were preparing for the worst outside.  Jonah Lang is the apparatus operator for Clackamas County Fire District 1 Station 5 which sits just blocks away from Clackamas Town Center.  Station 5 is responsible for mass casualty response.  While Lang says they were ready to respond, they made sure they waited for the all clear before heading in.


Police and Firefighters from all over the area responded to the mall and the situation unfolded.  Along with the Clackamas County Sheriff’s office, officials from the State Police, Portland Police and the FBI all responded and needed to communicate.  Clackamas County Sheriff’s Lieutenant  James Rhodes is now the Police Chief in Wilsonville.  That night he, along with Clackamas County Firefighter Brandon Paxton were the men reporters turned to for information about the situation.  Something that didn’t always come easy.

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2 replies to “One Year Later – Remembering The Clackamas Town Center Shooting

  1. Duke Hayes

    sorry to say that i will not attend as this mall has signs that firarms carry is not allowed. though on the day this occured one such person was in attendendence he had missed the sign on entering and if not for him this nut job would have finshed off more unarmed inosentsent shopper oops something they forgot in this artical he did not just stop shooting and run off and kill himself. he saw someone who was not going to be a victom and was armed this then is why he ran off—-lets see if this makes it on the comments. note i will post this on face book so it will be remembered correctly.


  2. Danielle Chambers

    Rest In Peace to the victims of this horrible tradegy that happened a year ago today. I will never forget this day of what happened last year on this day.


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