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Some Cold Weather Cooking Tips

Written by Alpha Broadcasting on December 7, 2013

The cold weather brings about its own set of cooking challenges. Here are some tips to help you succed in being a Polar Bear BBQ’r:

Mr BBQ’s COLD WEATHER COMMANDMENT! The much cooler daytime and night time temps provide a good time to remind you, that when cooking in temperatures below 45 degrees, that you should add at least 20+ minutes to your cooking time EVERYTIME you open the lid of your cooker. If you’re barbecuing or smoking, it will take at least that long for the heat to re-build in your cooker. So plan extra cooking time in your schedule during these cold weather months.

BBQ Wind SHELTER—still have time to make one of these. Not very expensive, and can easily be built by any fumble fingers. You need 3 sheets of shop grade 1/2 inch plywood, six hinges, nuts, and bolts.  The idea is to make a three sided wind barrier to help protect your barbecue during windy weather. You could also add three aluminum oil drop pans–the kind you put under your car in the garage to catch oil and fluid drips from your car, and secure those to the inside of each plywood section. The heat will radiate off the aluminum–helping to keep the air space around the barbecue heated. This will help to provide a cushion of heated air around your barbecue.

Another trick is to place bricks inside the barbecue. As they get hot, the bricks throw off radiant heat, helping your barbecue to restore lost heat whenever you open the lid to check things out. Of course….you know that you need to quit being a nervous Nellie and stop opening your lid so frequently to check on things.

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