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Steve Leader

Written by FM News 101 KXL on November 14, 2013

Steve Leader is in his 15th year of co-anchoring Portland’s Morning News, along with Rebecca Marshall.  Steve’s award winning news career spans over 30 years.  He attended North Park University in Chicago and Clark College in Vancouver.  Steve’s community service has included foster parent, reserve sheriff’s deputy, and school volunteer.  Steve’s a news junkie who also enjoys playing guitar and practicing his Spanish.

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15 replies to “Steve Leader

  1. Joyce Robertson

    What’s going on with your live feed? I don’t have radio at work and your live feed is dead :-( My day is going to be so sad without my morning news. Kidding, but I do miss my morning news.


    1. Steve Leader

      Hi Joyce, my apologies. I only recently saw your note here. Thank you for listening to our morning news. We appreciate you! -Steve


  2. Robert Barko

    I am hoping that I heard wrong this morning about a news release that Jews murdered a young man in Israel in what appeared to be a revenge killing. I am hoping that i didn’t hear what I am pretty sure that I heard. I want a copy of what was said and a retraction published if I heard right.


  3. Craig Last

    – PLEASE STOP talking like your audience are children! I listen daily for news and timely traffic & weather, but may need to move because I find your vocal inflections so annoying. What am I referring to?: the trailing lilt, high-pitched tone you add to SO MANY words. It’s no surprise to find in your Bio that you were/are a School Volunteer, but you need to leave you kindergarten-voice in the classroom, because we’re adults in this job of yours and SICK of hearing you talk like you’re looking into a cradle and talking to a baby… I cant possibly be the only one who feels both annoyed and insulted about this. I’m compelled to finally complain because this trait is getting worse over time: where it was bad enough when you were only doing it when asking questions, you’ve gotten even worse about it lately by using this vocal tendancy even when making statements! PLEASE STOP this madness!,


    1. Jason J

      Lady, get a life. Seriously, vocal inflections?… you need something else to do. Maybe you do Need to just go ahead and find another feed to hear. We wont miss u 😉


  4. Kory Cook


    I 100% agree. You said what I was going to say almost to the T. I literally don’t listen to KXL in the morning because of Steve. Your inflections on words, and the way you state things so lighthearted, that are other wise tragic events. Listen to yourself. KEX all the way. One more thing that drives me nuts, when you sign off from a story, Steve Leader, FM News one o wwwon. Stop


  5. m.r.

    I quit listening to this in the morning, neither of them are in sync. Both of them use the “upspeek” when they state something as a fact and use it as a question. “I-84 is backed up”?. Also, do you or your writers know what a comma means, or a period for that matter means when you are reading something? I turned to KEX a long time ago on the way to work instead. Why is it that local newscasters have to state everything in a question format? The guy in the morning sounds like a Portland version of Mr. Rogers , I don’t think he has worked a hard day in his life.


  6. Steve W

    Your comment about Kid Rock pissed me off this morning. You said it was stupid that he replied to Beyonce fans with a photo of a can of insect spray. Really? Compared to Kanye’s constant antics. Have you called those stupid? Not only is this kind of “tmz news” a waste of our time but your take on it was biased.


  7. 12th Man

    I remember when Leader was on KIRO up here in Seattle in the early ’80s where he was the weekend morning news host. Now, except for the 7-9AM portion on Saturday Mornings, there were no business reports because the markets are closed on the weekend. During the NFL season, Seahawks pre-game coverage would start 90 mins. before kick-off, but have since started 3 hours prior to kick-off. BTW, ex-Seahawks Sea Gal Keri Kangas says “Hi”.


  8. Kelly

    Don’t listen to the haters, Steve. I find your voice pleasant and relaxing on my drive into work in the mornings. :-)


  9. John Doe

    I’m bet that Mr. Leader didn’t know that the phrase “You give us 22 minutes, we’ll give you the world” is used by such all-news stations like 1010 WINS in New York & KYW in Philadelphia. It was used by KFWB in Los Angeles during their 41-year run as an all-news station(1968-2009).


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