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Rob Kremer

Written by FM News 101 KXL on November 14, 2013

For the last two decades, Rob Kremer has been a fixture in the political and public policy arena in Oregon.

He is a principal in Third Century Solutions, a public affairs firm in Lake Oswego, and is Treasurer of the Oregon Republican Party.

In the late 1990’s, Rob led the effort to pass Oregon’s charter school law. Due to his fifteen years of work in this area, which has resulted in more than 100 new schools teaching 15,000 Oregon schoolchildren,  Rob is considered the “father of Oregon charter schools.”

In 2002, Rob ran for the office of Superintendent of Public Instruction, the state’s top education policy office. He received 30% of the vote in a three-way, non-partisan race.

Rob is a prolific writer and political commentator. His articles on education policy and other issues have been published extensively, both in print and on the Internet. For ten years Rob wrote a monthly column on education policy for Brainstorm NW Magazine.

Rob was born and raised in Oregon. After graduating from West Linn High School, Rob moved to Chicago to study Economics at the University of Chicago, from which he graduated in 1982. He received a MBA, also from the University of Chicago, in 1985. He and his wife Mary have two children. Jessica graduated from Biola University in 2011, and Jeff is at Duke University, class of 2013.

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2 replies to “Rob Kremer

  1. Brian Honesty

    Whew………..the stench of agenda driven logic on your part is jarring.
    Gleefully making a case for GMO foods is certainly impressing your immediate and philosophical employers, but your soul is simultaneously wrinkling into a toasted carcass.
    Geez, guys, you can’t make an argument more meaningful than what Monsanto prints on its position/instructional papers?
    = cheaper crops…………….unsupportable claim. How many crop seasons benefit from GMO seeds, eh?
    = feed the world…………….based on what science? Too, Monsanto has indifferently caused, literally, thousands of human suicides with their financially innovative “terminator” seeds, so how committed are they to solving world hunger?
    = safe? Clearly, you are ignoring the French studies that reveal Monsanto’s termination of GMO safety studies after 90 days is intentional, because after 90 days is, Gee whiz, right when the GMO carcinogenicity manifests!
    = Your exuberance over the defeat of the California GMO bill immediately betrays your intellectual authenticity on the GMO issue. YOU guys are celebrating the revocation of the consumer’s ability to make an informed decision. And do you know why you are thrilled to prevent that? Because Monsanto, terrified of an informed consumer costing them revenue, is thrilled to prevent that.
    Hey, your shtick is to keep Wall St. happy, I get it. But, whew, how uncomfortable is it to be walking around with an integrity that now looks like a “Walking Dead” cast member?


  2. B. A. James Kennedy

    Once we have documented several million people it will be very easy for a future president to mass imprison them.

    I hear them saying you cannot deport several million people who have to be tracked down. But it will be trivial to imprison several million documented people.

    There is no guarantee that the next president won’t do exactly that.

    We did it to the Japanese and we didn’t even break a sweat. We now have three fold the resources we had at that time.

    An executive order is not required by law to be honored by future presidents. It dies with the presidency unless future presidents choose to honor and reinstate it.

    This is a very powerful weapon of human rights oppression that we just handed to a person we haven’t likely met yet.


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