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Rebecca Marshall

Written by FM News 101 KXL on November 14, 2013
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Rebecca always knew that she wanted to do news in radio and television.  She was already interning in high school at KFBK with a local talk show host known as Rush Limbaugh.  She got her first paid job in Chico, California as a news anchor. Shortly thereafter, she moved to Salt Lake City to report for KSL radio.  She did morning entertainment radio in Salt Lake City and Detroit before coming to Portland.  In the Summer of 2000, she came to KXL as a part time reporter.  By January of 2001, she was anchoring morning drive with Steve Leader.  The two have helped you start your day ever since.


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7 replies to “Rebecca Marshall

  1. bob

    Why do media outlets not recognize the difference between street racing and drag racing?
    I heard KXL’s news report this morning about Justin Bieber being arrested for drag racing. I believe he was on a public street. This means he was street racing, not drag racing. Drag racing is done on a real race track with safety rules. This type of reporting error damages the reputation of an entire family sport. I ask you to please correct this error. Thank you, bob


  2. Gordon Blankenship

    Rebecca Marshall was praising racist Al Sharpton on the car radio this morning. This liberal spin is really getting on my nerves. I listen to Lars Larson because he makes sense most of the time. When the news comes on in the morning, this lady makes me want to pull my hair out. I am thinking of moving to another news station?


  3. Gordon Blankenship

    Then they switch to CBS news.. Don’t they have relatives working in the Obama administration? How do you do this? News people related to the politician?? In the White House?? This is not real news folks! Dave Ross comments make me want jump off a bridge!! Liberals are not right people. They and the progressives got us into this mess. Then the news defends all the illegal activities of Obama!


  4. Jodi Cox

    PLEASE, please suspend your commercials – as they’ve been beaten to death to the point where I’m going to quit listening to you altogether. “Ray likes coffee” – enough already. And “I’m having a stroke” – put it to rest. If such commercials, or public service announcements of these topics are that necessary, than develop a few more so we’re not listening to these same voices over and over again ad nauseum.


  5. Jeanne

    I listen to Rebecca and Steve every weekday starting at 5:00am. I need to be at work downtown Portland, and they provide the news and traffic reports, so I can get to work on time.!


  6. Noreen

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