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What to tell your butcher

Written by Alpha Broadcasting on October 31, 2011

Now is the time of year when many people purchase whole-half or quarter beef or hogs. Here’s some practical advice Sandi and I have learned over the years:

Two great advantages to buying in bulk: 1) you’ll save a lot of money on the per pound cost of the meat. 2) It’s a great excuse to clean out your freezer.

●How was the animal raised? Grass, corn fed? Finished?

●How much? >What is the size of your freezer—might want to invest in an

additional freezer-purchase a used one in good condition.

●Cuts You Want—be specific! >Go to either the National Beef or National Pork websites to find cut charts to help you know what cuts you are getting.

●Fat content! Instruct to NOT TRIM OFF ALL FAT—fat is your friend!

●SPEAK WITH THE PERSON DOING THE CUTTING/WRAPPING! Tell them of your wishes. Write it down and give it to them.

●Get commitment of cost per lb. BEFORE placing your order 

●Specify special cuts you want- ie: more roasts than steaks  Type of steaks you want-Porterhouse, ribeye, sirloin,etc.

●For ground beef-what size packages? Have a couple of sizes-one lb and two lb.

●Get packages stamped on top and on one side-easier to read in the freezer! Or use a permanent marker and write on the sides of the packages as you put into freezer.

●Tell them if you want any organs—heart or liver.

●Depending on what the animal was fed-the meat could very possibly TASTE DIFFERENT THAN STORE BOUGHT.

●You only want to purchase as much as you can consume  in one year. Otherwise risk freezer burn

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